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The Leverage Your Gift initiative grew out of our increased involvement in serving families with their gift planning through our firm, BlueMark Advisors. We learned that many families had the desire to create a legacy with a lasting impact but needed independent professional guidance to develop a strategy to use their resources most effectively. "Leverage" is using a given amount of force to achieve a greater result - we could see that this rule of physics applies to using one's treasure to have a greater impact. was designed to help families learn more about creating that lasting legacy. On our pages here, you will find an abundance of resources for your family that will help answer some of your questions or even figure out what questions to ask as you get started.

Our role as independent philanthropic planning advisors is to first listen to you and learn what your unique aspirations and challenges are for creating your legacy. The array of planning techniques and tax strategies can be daunting, but we help you evaluate what will work best for you. We offer independent philanthropic planning advice and can also work with your other advisors to help pursue your legacy.


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